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#ifndef ELF_BOOT_H
#define ELF_BOOT_H
/* This defines the structure of a table of parameters useful for ELF
* bootable images. These parameters are all passed and generated
* by the bootloader to the booted image. For simplicity and
* consistency the Elf Note format is reused.
* All of the information must be Position Independent Data.
* That is it must be safe to relocate the whole ELF boot parameter
* block without changing the meaning or correctnes of the data.
* Additionally it must be safe to permute the order of the ELF notes
* to any possible permutation without changing the meaning or correctness
* of the data.
#define ELF_BHDR_MAGIC 0x0E1FB007
#ifndef ASSEMBLY
#include <stdint.h>
typedef uint16_t Elf_Half;
typedef uint32_t Elf_Word;
* Elf boot notes...
typedef struct Elf_Bhdr
Elf_Word b_signature; /* "0x0E1FB007" */
Elf_Word b_size;
Elf_Half b_checksum;
Elf_Half b_records;
} Elf_Bhdr;
* ELF Notes.
typedef struct Elf_Nhdr
Elf_Word n_namesz; /* Length of the note's name. */
Elf_Word n_descsz; /* Length of the note's descriptor. */
Elf_Word n_type; /* Type of the note. */
} Elf_Nhdr;
#endif /* ASSEMBLY */
/* Standardized Elf image notes for booting... The name for all of these is ELFBoot */
#define ELF_NOTE_BOOT "ELFBoot"
#define EIN_PROGRAM_NAME 0x00000001
/* The program in this ELF file */
#define EIN_PROGRAM_VERSION 0x00000002
/* The version of the program in this ELF file */
#define EIN_PROGRAM_CHECKSUM 0x00000003
/* ip style checksum of the memory image. */
/* Linux image notes for booting... The name for all of these is Linux */
#define LIN_COMMAND_LINE 0x00000001
/* The command line to pass to the loaded kernel. */
#define LIN_ROOT_DEV 0x00000002
/* The root dev to pass to the loaded kernel. */
#define LIN_RAMDISK_FLAGS 0x00000003
/* Various old ramdisk flags */
#define LIN_INITRD_START 0x00000004
/* Start of the ramdisk in bytes */
#define LIN_INITRD_SIZE 0x00000005
/* Size of the ramdisk in bytes */
/* Notes that are passed to a loaded image */
/* For the standard elf boot notes n_namesz must be zero */
#define EBN_FIRMWARE_TYPE 0x00000001
/* ASCIZ name of the platform firmware. */
#define EBN_BOOTLOADER_NAME 0x00000002
/* This specifies just the ASCIZ name of the bootloader */
#define EBN_BOOTLOADER_VERSION 0x00000003
/* This specifies the version of the bootloader as an ASCIZ string */
#define EBN_COMMAND_LINE 0x00000004
/* This specifies a command line that can be set by user interaction,
* and is provided as a free form ASCIZ string to the loaded image.
#define EBN_NOP 0x00000005
/* A note nop note has no meaning, useful for inserting explicit padding */
#define EBN_LOADED_IMAGE 0x00000006
/* An ASCIZ string naming the loaded image */
/* Etherboot specific notes */
#define EB_PARAM_NOTE "Etherboot"
#define EB_IA64_SYSTAB 0x00000001
#define EB_IA64_MEMMAP 0x00000002
#define EB_IA64_FPSWA 0x00000003
#define EB_IA64_CONINFO 0x00000004
#define EB_BOOTP_DATA 0x00000005
#define EB_HEADER 0x00000006
#define EB_IA64_IMAGE_HANDLE 0x00000007
#define EB_I386_MEMMAP 0x00000008
#endif /* ELF_BOOT_H */