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This utility will help to create irq_table.c file, that is very hard to create manually,
specialy when you are testing new motherboards, changing your hardware often, placing new cards, etc..
edit Makefile, define the root to coreboot tree
Will dump irq table to the file called irq_tables.c, ready to use with coreboot. Just move the
file to corresponding place in the linux bios tree.
CHECKING CUSTOM irq_tables.c:
checkpir.c Will verify the irq_tables.c, currently it only checks the checksum. In case of wrong
checksum, a good value is proposed, so you can edit irq_tables.c manualy and replace checksum.
Run the command like this:
make test
Do not run ./checkpir directly because it needs to be linked to irq_table.o first.