MP Spec: Correct the Virtual Wire assignment

Virtual Wire mode is set by writing 0 to the the MPTable
Feature2 bit field 'IMCR'.  The virtualwire variable was
initially defined as writing a 1 to this bit field which
would actually set PIC mode instead of Virtual Wire mode.
However, nearly every mainboard called the MPTables with
virtualwire = 0, which actually had the effect of setting
Virtual Wire mode. I am correcting the definition but
leaving the call to write the MPTables with virtualwire = 0,
which is how most mainboards are already setting the tables

See the MP Spec table 4-1 for more details:
	Bit 7: IMCRP. When the IMCR presence bit is
	set, the IMCR is present and PIC Mode is
	implemented; otherwise, Virtual Wire Mode is

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