Fix freeze during chipset lockdown on Nehalem

Remove locking of PCI device 00:00.0 registers (nehalem/finalize.c)
and remove setting the zeroth bit of the MSR_LT_LOCK_MEMORY = 0x2e7 MSR
register (model_2065x/finalize.c) to fix a frozen boot and S3 resume issue
which became apparent with commit d533b16669a3bacb19b2824e6b4bc76a2a18c92a.

More detailed, either setting the LSB of the 32 bit register at 0x98
of the PCI device 00:00.0 (in the intel_nehalem_finalize_smm function) or
setting the LSB of the the MSR register MSR_LT_LOCK_MEMORY = 0x2e7 (in the
intel_model_2065x_finalize_smm function) indepentenly causes a freeze
during bootup or a complete session loss on resuming from S3 as described

It seems like Nehalem CPUs do not have a MSR_LT_LOCK_MEMORY register.
Additionally, the "Intel Core i7-600, i5-500, i5-400 and i3-300 Mobile
Processor Series, Datasheet Volume Two" indicates that registers of the
PCI device 00:00.0 cannot be locked manually. Instead, they can only be
Finally, the addresses and sizes of these registers were partially wrong.

Tested on Lenovo X201i with a Core i3 330M (no AES-NI, no VT-d and no TXT
support compared to the Core i5 and Core i7 processors of a X201).

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