util/docker: Add a makefile for common docker tasks

Commands for working with docker images:
build-coreboot-sdk           - Build coreboot-sdk container
upload-coreboot-sdk          - Upload coreboot-sdk to hub.docker.com
build-coreboot-jenkins-node  - Build coreboot-jenkins-node container
upload-coreboot-jenkins-node - Upload coreboot-jenkins-node to hub.docker.com
clean_coreboot_containers    - remove all docker coreboot containers
clean_coreboot_images        - remove all docker coreboot images

Commands for using docker images
docker_build_coreboot <BUILD_CMD=target>  - Build coreboot under coreboot-sdk
docker_abuild <ABUILD_ARGS='-a -B'>       - Run abuild under coreboot-sdk

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