Get mptable OEM/product ID from kconfig variables.

We currently use "COREBOOT" unconditionally as the "OEM ID" in our
mptable.c files, and hardcode the mainboard name in mptable.c like this:

  mptable_init(mc, "DK8-HTX     ", LAPIC_ADDR);

However, the spec says

  "OEM ID: A string that identifies the manufacturer of the system hardware."
  (Table 4-2, page 42)

so "COREBOOT" doesn't match the spec, we should use the hardware vendor name.

Thus, use CONFIG_MAINBOARD_VENDOR which we have already as the "OEM ID"
(truncate/fill it to 8 characters as per spec).

Also, use CONFIG_MAINBOARD_PART_NUMBER (the board name) as "product ID",
and truncate/fill it to 12 characters as per spec, if needed.


Signed-off-by: Uwe Hermann <>
Acked-by: Stefan Reinauer <>

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