device/pci_early.c: Mixes up variants of a typedefs to 'u32'

Unfortunately coreboot has to deal with ROMCC's short comings which has
lead to a little bit of confusion due to typedefs. Essentially, coreboot
defines four typedefs:

 * 'typedef struct device * device_t' in ramstage not in SIMPLE_DEVICE mode
 * 'typedef u32 device_t' in romstage or when SIMPLE_DEVICE is defined
 * 'typedef u32 pnp_devfn_t'
 * 'typedef u32 pci_devfn_t'

Some early functions make use of 'device_t' over 'pci_devfn_t' and since
the C type-checker does not enforce typedefs to the same type 'u32'
these are never noticed. Fix these so that 'device_t' does not conflict
in romstage for later work. We later plan to have 'pnp_devfn_t' and
'pci_devfn_t' as the only variants of 'u32' and 'device_t' to be a
struct pointer type exclusively.

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