spi: Clean up SPI flash driver interface

RW flag was added to spi_slave structure to get around a requirement on
some AMD flash controllers that need to group together all spi volatile
operations (write/erase). This rw flag is not a property or attribute of
the SPI slave or controller. Thus, instead of saving it in spi_slave
structure, clean up the SPI flash driver interface. This allows
chipsets/mainboards (that require volatile operations to be grouped) to
indicate beginning and end of such grouped operations.

New user APIs are added to allow users to perform probe, read, write,
erase, volatile group begin and end operations. Callbacks defined in
spi_flash structure are expected to be used only by the SPI flash
driver. Any chipset that requires grouping of volatile operations can
select the newly added Kconfig option SPI_FLASH_HAS_VOLATILE_GROUP and
define callbacks for chipset_volatile_group_{begin,end}.

spi_claim_bus/spi_release_bus calls have been removed from the SPI flash
chip drivers which end up calling do_spi_flash_cmd since it already has
required calls for claiming and releasing SPI bus before performing a
read/write operation.

TEST=Compiles successfully.

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