mb/google: Add Chromebook marketing names

It's sometimes hard to find the code name of a Chromebook. Add the
marketing names to Kconfig, since they are easily available.

Information (mostly) taken from:

Unknown boards (unreleased, etc.):
* Fizz
* Foster
* Nasher, Coral
* Purin
* Rotor
* Rowan
* Scarlet, Nefario
* Soraka
* Urara
* Veyron_Rialto

* Glados
* Gru
* Jecht
* Kahlee
* Nyan
* Oak
* Poppy
* Rambi
* Zoombini

White label boards:
* Enguarde
* Heli
* Relm, Wizpig

TODO: How does this interact with the board_status code?

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