ifdtool: Add a list of known platforms that support IFD_VERSION_2

ifdtool has relied on one of the fields within FCBA(read_freq) to
determine whether a platform supports IFD_VERSION_1 or
IFD_VERSION_2. However, newer platforms like GLK and CNL do not have
read_freq field in FCBA and so the value of these bits cannot be used
as an indicator to distinguish IFD versions. In the long run, we need
to re-write ifdtool to have a better mapping of SoC to IFD fields. But
until that is done, this change adds a list of platforms that we know
do not support read_freq field but still use IFD_VERSION_2. This
change also updates GLK and CNL to pass in platform parameter to

BUG=b:79109029, b:69270831

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