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# This is the list of coreboot authors for copyright purposes.
# This does not necessarily list everyone who has contributed code, since in
# some cases, their employer may be the copyright holder. To see the full list
# of contributors, and their email addresses, see the revision history in source
# control.
# Run the below commands in the coreboot repo for additional information.
# To see a list of contributors: git log --pretty=format:%an | sort | uniq
# For patches adding or removing a name: git log -i -S "NAME" --source --all
9elements Agency GmbH
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
Alex Züpke
Alexander Couzens
Alexandru Gagniuc
Andy Fleming
ARM Limited and Contributors
Arthur Heymans
Carl-Daniel Hailfinger
coresystems GmbH
Damien Zammit
David Hendricks
David Mosberger-Tang
Denis Dowling
DENX Software Engineering
DMP Electronics Inc.
Drew Eckhardt
Egbert Eich
Eric Biederman
Eswar Nallusamy
Facebook, Inc.
Felix Held
Frederic Potter
Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
Gary Jennejohn
Gerd Hoffmann
Google LLC
Greg Watson
Imagination Technologies
Intel Corporation
Jason Zhao
Jordan Crouse
Joseph Smith
Keith Hui
Kyösti Mälkki
Lei Wen
Li-Ta Lo
Libra Li
Linus Torvalds
Linux Networx, Inc.
Marc Jones
Marek Vasut
Marius Gröger
Martin Mares
Marvell Semiconductor Inc.
MediaTek Inc.
MontaVista Software, Inc.
Myles Watson
Nicholas Sielicki
Nick Barker
Nico Huber
Patrick Georgi
Patrick Rudolph
PC Engines GmbH
Per Odlund
Peter Stuge
Raptor Engineering, LLC
Richard Woodruff
Ronald G. Minnich
Rudolf Marek
Russell King
Sage Electronic Engineering, LLC
SciTech Software, Inc.
secunet Security Networks AG
Siemens AG
Silicon Integrated System Corporation
Stefan Reinauer
Steve Magnani
Sven Schnelle
Syed Mohammed Khasim
Texas Instruments
The Linux Foundation
Timothy Pearson
Tyan Computer Corp.
Uwe Hermann
VIA Technologies, Inc
Wolfgang Denk
Yinghai Lu
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