soc/intel/common/block: Common ACPI

This patch adds the common acpi code.ACPI code is very similar
accross different intel chipsets.This patch is an effort to
move those code in common place so that it can be shared accross
different intel platforms instead of duplicating for each platform.
We are removing the common acpi files in src/soc/intel/common.
This removes the acpi.c file which was previously in
src/soc/common/acpi. The config for common acpi is
SOC_INTEL_COMMON_BLOCK_ACPI which can be defined in SOC's
Kconfig file in order to use the common ACPI code. This patch also
includes the changes in APL platform to use the common ACPI block.

TEST= Tested the patch as below:
1.Builds and system boots up with the patch.
2.Check all the ACPI tables are present in
3.Check SCI's are properly working as we are
  modifying the function to override madt.
4.Extract acpi tables like DSDT,APIC, FACP, FACS
  and decompile the by iasl and compare with good
  known tables.
5.Execute the extracted tables in aciexec to check
  acpi methods are working properly.

Change-Id: Ib6eb6fd5366e6e28fd81bc22d050b0efa05a2e5d
Signed-off-by: Shaunak Saha <>
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Reviewed-by: Aaron Durbin <>
Reviewed-by: Sumeet R Pawnikar <>
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