nyan*: I2C: Implement bus clear when 'ARB_LOST' error occurs

This is a fix for the 'Lost arb' we're seeing on Nyan* during
reboot stress testing. It occurs when we are slamming the
default PMIC registers with pmic_write_reg().

Currently, I've only captured this a few times, and the bus
clear seemed to work, as the PMIC writes continued (where
they'd hang the system before bus clear) for a couple of regs,
then it hangs hard, no messages, no 2nd lost arb, etc. So
I've added code to the PMIC write function that will reset the
SoC if any I2C error occurs. That seems to recover OK, i.e. on
the next reboot the PMIC writes all go thru, boot is OK, kernel
loads, etc.

TEST=Tested on nyan. Built for nyan and nyan_big.

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