Asus M4A785T-M: Add CMOS defaults.

After removing power and the CMOS Battery, putting it back
  and booting coreboot we have:
    # ./nvramtool -a
    boot_option = Fallback
    last_boot = Fallback
    ECC_memory = Enable
    baud_rate = 115200
    hw_scrubber = Enable
    interleave_chip_selects = Enable
    max_mem_clock = 400Mhz
    multi_core = Enable
    power_on_after_fail = Disable
    debug_level = Spew
    boot_first = HDD
    boot_second = Fallback_Floppy
    boot_third = Fallback_Network
    boot_index = 0xf
    boot_countdown = 0xc
    slow_cpu = off
    nmi = Enable
    iommu = Enable
    nvramtool: Can not read coreboot parameter user_data because layout info specifies CMOS area that is too wide.
    nvramtool: Warning: Coreboot CMOS checksum is bad.

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