vendorcode/google/chromeos: Cache VPD data into CBMEM

There are few drawbacks reading VPD from SPI flash in user land, including
"lack of firmware level authority" and "slow reading speed".

Since for many platforms we are already reading VPD in firmware (for
example MAC and serial number), caching the VPD data in CBMEM should
will speed up and simplify user land VPD processing without adding
performance cost.

A new CBMEM ID is added: CBMEM_ID_VPD, referring to a structure containing
raw Google VPD 2.0 structure and can be found by the new LB_TAG_VPD in
Coreboot tables.

TEST=emerge-smaug coreboot chromeos-bootimage # and boots successfully.

[pg: lots of changes to make it work with what happened in upstream
since 2013]

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