vboot/vbnv_flash: Binary search to find last used entry

This improves the previous linear search to O(log n).  No change in
storage format.

	(test empty)
	flashrom -i RW_NVRAM -e
	Reboot; device should boot normally.

	(start using records)
	crossystem kern_nv=0xaab0
	crossystem recovery_request=1 && reboot
	Device should go into recovery mode with reason 1
	Reboot again; it should boot normally.
	crossystem kern_nv (should still contain 0xaab0)
	Repeat steps several times with request=2, 3, etc.

	flashrom -i RW_NVRAM -r nvdata
	Modify nvdata to copy the first record across all valid
	flashrom -i RW_NVRAM -w nvdata
	Reboot; device should boot normally.

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