skylake: ACPI: Fix compiler warnings with iasl-20150717

Updating to a new IASL introduces a lot of warnings that are
not serious issues but can be fixed with some reworks.

- Method local variables that are set but never used now warn,
when needing to read back a register the ordering is now changed
to set the value in Local0 first so the compiler does not complain.
- Methods that create an object must be serialized
- A ResourceTemplate declared inside a _CRS with a named variable
does not seem to be able to compile without a warning.  To fix
this move the ResourceTemplate outside the _CRS method.
- The DPTF CPU code was still using the old legacy \_PR.CPUx
instead of the new \_PR.CPxx definitions.

TEST=build glados with iasl-20150717 and see no warnings

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