drivers/spi: Pass flash parameters from coreboot to payload

A payload may want to run erase operations on SPI NOR flash without
re-probing the device to get its properties. This patch passes up
three properties of flash to achieve that:
- The size of the flash device
- The sector size, i.e., the granularity of erase
- The command used for erase
The patch sends the parameters through coreboot and then libpayload.
The patch also includes a minor refactoring of the flash erase code.
Parameters are sent up for just one flash device. If multiple SPI
flash devices are probed, the second one will "win" and its
parameters will be sent up to the payload.

TEST=Observed parameters to be passed up to depthcharge through
libpayload and be used to correctly initialize flash and do an erase.
TEST=Winbond and Gigadevices spi flash drivers compile with the changes;
others don't, for seemingly unrelated reasons.

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Signed-off-by: Patrick Georgi <>
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