mainboard/google/kahlee: Update GPIOs

- The touchscreen interrupt was moved from the GPIO 3, as originally
suggested to GPIO 11.  This changes the gevent from 2 to 18.
- Add EMMC reset on GPIO 93.
- Add EMMC bridge PCIe reset on GPIO 40.
- Set device enables to high.
- Remove extra SCI comment from GPIO 130.
- Set individual device PCIe reset pins to high.
- Enable global PCIe reset on GPIO 26.
- Mark LPC_CLK1 as unused.
- Update net names based on latest schematics.
- Set Direction and level/edge correctly for SCIs/SMIs.
- Remove SCI for pen detect.
- Add comments.

BUG=b:70234300, b:69681660, b:69305596
TEST=build grunt

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