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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later */
* This is the modern bootblock. It prepares the system for C environment runtime
* setup. The actual setup is done by hardware-specific code.
* It provides a bootflow similar to other architectures, and thus is considered
* to be the modern approach.
#include <cpu/x86/cr.h>
.section .text
* Include the old code for reset vector and protected mode entry. That code has
* withstood the test of time.
#include <cpu/x86/16bit/>
#include <cpu/x86/16bit/>
#include <cpu/x86/32bit/>
/* BIST result in eax */
mov %eax, %ebx
/* preserves ebx. */
#include <cpu/x86/64bit/>
mov %ebx, %eax
/* Wait for a JTAG debugger to break in and set EBX non-zero */
xor %ebx, %ebx
cmp $0, %ebx
jz debug_spinloop
/* MMX registers required here */
/* BIST result in eax */
movd %eax, %mm0
/* Get an early timestamp */
movd %eax, %mm1
movd %edx, %mm2
mov %cr4, %eax
or $CR4_OSFXSR, %ax
mov %eax, %cr4
#endif /* CONFIG(SSE) */
/* We're done. Now it's up to platform-specific code */
jmp bootblock_pre_c_entry