arm: Fix checkstack() to use correct stack size

checkstack() runs at the end of ramstage to warn about stack overflows,
and it assumes that CONFIG_STACK_SIZE is always the size of the stack to
check. This is only true for systems that bring up multiprocessing in
ramstage and assign a separate stack for each core, like x86 and ARM64.
Other architectures like ARM and MIPS (for now) don't touch secondary
CPUs at all and currently don't look like they'll ever need to, so they
generally stay on the same (SRAM-based) stack they have been on since
their bootblock.

This patch tries to model that difference by making these architectures
explicitly set CONFIG_STACK_SIZE to zero, and using that as a cue to
assume the whole (_estack - _stack) area in checkstack() instead. Also
adds a BUG() to the stack overflow check, since that is currently just
as non-fatal as the BIOS_ERR message (despite the incorrect "SYSTEM
HALTED" output) but a little more easy to spot. Such a serious failure
should not drown out in all the normal random pieces of lower case boot
spam (also, I was intending to eventually have a look at assert() and
BUG() to hopefully make them a little more useful/noticeable if I ever
find the time for it).

TEST=Booted Pinky, noticed it no longer complains about stack overflows.
Built Falco, Ryu and Urara.

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Signed-off-by: Patrick Georgi <>
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