soc/intel/common: Disable GPEs just before enabling SMIs

Call to pmc_disable_all_gpe is required before enabling SMIs to ensure
that we do not end up in a recursive SMI handler loop as mentioned in
change 74145f7 (intel/common/pmc: Disable all GPEs during
pmc_init). Thus, this call was added at the end of
pmc_fill_power_state as we want to ensure that all the GPE registers
are backed up before being cleared for identifying the wake source in

This resulted in a side-effect on APL where pmc_fixup_power_state was
called much later in the boot process. Even though we have got rid of
pmc_fixup_power_state, this change moves the call to
pmc_disable_all_gpe to happen just before enabling SMIs. This helps to
keep the disabling of GPEs logically before the enabling of SMIs and
any clean ups that happen in pmc or soc-specific code should not
affect the state of GPEs.

TEST=Verified that wake sources are correctly identified on KBL and
APL. Also, no SMI handler issues observed when resuming.

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Signed-off-by: Furquan Shaikh <>
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