bootstate: use structure pointers for scheduling callbacks

The GCC 4.9.2 update showed that the boot_state_init_entry
structures were being padded and assumed to be aligned in to an
increased size. The bootstate scheduler for static entries,
boot_state_schedule_static_entries(), was then calculating the
wrong values within the array. To fix this just use a pointer to
the boot_state_init_entry structure that needs to be scheduled.

In addition to the previous issue noted above, the .bs_init
section was sitting in the read only portion of the image while
the fields within it need to be writable. Also, the
boot_state_schedule_static_entries() was using symbol comparison
to terminate a loop which in C can lead the compiler to always
evaluate the loop at least once since the language spec indicates
no 2 symbols can be the same value.

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