soc/amd/common: Convert to C_ENVIRONMENT_BOOTBLOCK

Add dedicated CAR setup and teardown functions and Kconfig
options to force their inclusion into the build.  The .S files
are mostly duplicated code from the old file.

The .S files use global proc names in anticipation for use with

Move the mainboard romstage functionality into the soc directory
and change the function name to be compatible with the call
from assembly_entry.S.  Drop the BIST check like other devices.

Move InitReset and InitEarly to bootblock.  These AGESA entry
points set some default settings, and release/recapture the
AP cores.  There are currently some early dependencies on
InitReset.  Future work should include:
 * Pull the necessary functionality from InitReset into bootblock
 * Move InitReset and InitEarly to car_stage_entry() and out of
   - Add a mechanism for the BSP to give the APs an address
     to call and skip most of bootblock and verstage (when
     available) (1)
   - Reunify BiosCallOuts.c and OemCustomize.c

(1) During the InitReset call, the BSP enables the APs by setting
    core enable bits in F18F0x1DC and APs begin fetching/executing
    from the reset vector.  The BSP waits for all APs to also
    reach InitReset, where they enter an endless loop.  The BSP
    sends a command to them to execute a HLT instruction and the
    BSP eventually returns from InitReset.  The goal would be to
    preserve this process but prevent APs from rerunning early

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