mainboards: Don’t select `CONSOLE_POST`

Currently, it’s impossible for the user to select `NO_POST`, for boards
selecting `CONSOLE_POST` in their config.

warning: (BOARD_SPECIFIC_OPTIONS) selects CONSOLE_POST which has unmet
direct dependencies (VENDOR_SIEMENS && BOARD_SIEMENS_MC_BDX1 || !NO_POST)

This is currently done for Intel Camelback Mountain and Siemens MC-BDX1.

Selecting the option `CONSOLE_POST` in board specific configuration is
not a good idea, as this should be user configurable over Kconfig, and
also the tree-wide defaults should be the same for these options.

Kconfig is different, as commit 97535558f1 (mainboard/{google,intel}:
Change config option selection) only touch the Intel board.

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