binaryPI platforms: Drop any ACPI S3 support

No board with binaryPI currently supports HAVE_ACPI_RESUME. For
platforms with PSP the approach is also very different from what
we previously had here.

Furthermore, s3_resume.[ch] files under cpu/amd/pi do not
distinguish between NonVolatile and Volatile buffers of S3 storage.
This means the Volatile buffer that is maintained and available in
CBMEM is unnecessarily copied to SPI flash. This has been fixed on
open-source AGESA directory, so development of S3 suspend support
with binaryPI is better continued with that.

Unfortunately there are further complications and indications that
open-source AGESA may have always had a low-memory corruption
issue. This has to be investigated separately before restoring
or claiming S3 is supported on binaryPI.

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