google/reef: Enable 20K pull ups for LPC CLKRUN and LAD0:3 lines

The pull up for CLKRUN is required to resolve keyboard slowness
and malfunctioning observed on some reef systems. The CLKRUN
signal was probed and found to be floating when the pull up
was not enabled. Also Added pull ups for the LPC Multiplexed
command, address and data lines LAD0:3 because the LPC
Interface specification requires them.

TEST=When a key is pressed, the character is immediately visible
     on the screen. Also the interrupt count for i8042 increments
     immediately in /proc/interrupts.

Change-Id: I16df1a0301a3994c926a609f61291761219f9e01
Signed-off-by: Shamile Khan <>
Reviewed-by: Aaron Durbin <>
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