soc/amd/common: load post-memory AGESA as rmodule

Now that the AGESA binary is split into two sections load the
post-memory AGESA binary into ram. It needs to be an rmdoule
so that it can be relocated into ram.

agesawrapper_amdinitenv() entry
CBFS: 'VBOOT' located CBFS at [10000:cfd40)
CBFS: Found @ offset 875c0 size 11c5e
Decompressing stage AGESA_POST_MEM @ 0xc757ffc0 (183452 bytes)
Loading module at c7580000 with entry c7580000. filesize: 0x2bafc
  memsize: 0x2bb0d
Processing 1112 relocs. Offset value of 0xc7780000
AGESA call 00020001 using c75818fe
AGESA call 00020003 using c75818fe
Fch OEM config in INIT ENV Done
agesawrapper_amdinitenv() returned AGESA_SUCCESS

TEST=Booted kahlee.

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Signed-off-by: Aaron Durbin <>
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