While the 8250 compatible serial port driver is primarily useful on x86
systems because it works with the legacy x86 com ports, some devices which
aren't x86 based have 8250 compatible UARTs as well. This change renames the
CONFIG_X86_SERIAL_CONSOLE option to the more general and direct
CONFIG_8250_SERIAL_CONSOLE and fixes up the dependencies so that non-x86
systems can enable the driver, although it will default to on on x86 and off

Also, the default IO port address that's added to the sysinfo structure on x86
and which is intended to be overwritten by a value in the coreboot tables is
not used on ARM. That variable is adjusted so that it's more clear it's a
default value, and made dependent on x86 since that's the only place its value
is actually used.

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