arm, arm64, mips: Add rough static stack size checks with -Wstack-usage

We've seen an increasing need to reduce stack sizes more and more for
space reasons, and it's always guesswork because no one has a good idea
how little is too litte. We now have boards with 3K and 2K stacks, and
old pieces of common code often allocate large temporary buffers that
would lead to very dangerous and hard to detect bugs when someone
eventually tries to use them on one of those.

This patch tries improve this situation at least a bit by declaring 2K
as the minimum stack size all of coreboot code should work with. It
checks all function frames with -Wstack-usage=1536 to make sure we don't
allocate more than 1.5K in a single buffer. This is of course not a
perfect test, but it should catch the most common situation of declaring
a single, large buffer in some close-to-leaf function (with the
assumption that 0.5K is hopefully enough for all the "normal" functions
above that).

Change one example where we were a bit overzealous and put a 1K buffer
into BSS back to stack allocation, since it actually conforms to this
new assumption and frees up another kilobyte of that highly sought-after
verstage space. Not touching x86 with any of this since it's lack of
__PRE_RAM__ BSS often requires it to allocate way more on the stack than
would usually be considered sane.

TEST=Compiled Cosmos, Daisy, Falco, Blaze, Pit, Storm, Urara and Pinky,
made sure they still build as well as before and don't show any stack
usage warnings.

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