cavium: Add CN81xx SoC and eval board support

This adds Cavium CN81xx SoC and SFF EVB files.

Code is based off of Cavium's Octeon-TX SDK:

BDK coreboot differences:
- Get rid of BDK header
- Add Kconfig for link address
- Move CAR setup code into assembly
- Move unaligned memory access enable into assembly
- Implement custom bootblock entry function
- Add CLIB and CSIB blobs

- Use minimal DRAM init only

- Convert FTD to static C file containing key value pairs

Tested on CN81xx:
- Boots to payload
- Tested with GNU/Linux 4.16.3
- All hardware is usable (after applying additional commits)

Implemented in future commits:
- Vboot integration
- MMU suuport
- L2 Cache handling
- ATF from external repo
- Devicetree patching
- Extended DRAM testing
- UART init

Not working:
- Booting a payload
- Booting upstream ATF

- Configuration straps

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