mainboard/google/sand: Update DPTF parameters provided from thermal team

Update the DPTF parameters based on thermal test result.

1. Update DPTF CPU/TSR0/TSR1/TSR2 passive/critial trigger points.
   CPU  passive point:83,  critial point:99
   TSR0 passive point:60,  critial point:70
   TSR1 passive point:50,  critial point:90
   TSR2 passive point:77,  critial point:90

2. Update PL1/PL2 Min Power Limit/Max Power Limit
   Set PL1 min to 4W, max to 12W, and step size to 0.2W

3. Change thermal relationship table (TRT) setting.
   Change CPU Throttle Effect on CPU sample rate to 5secs
   Change CPU Effect on Temp Sensor 0 sample rate to 60secs
   The TRT of TCHG is TSR1, but real sensor is TSR2. sample rate to 30secs
   Change Charger Effect on Temp Sensor 2 sample rate to 30secs
   Change CPU Effect on Temp Sensor 2 sample rate to 120secs

TEST=build and boot on electro dut

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