libpayload: xhci: Use Event Data TRBs for transfer event generation

The current XHCI code only sets IOC on the last TRB of a TD, and
doesn't set ISP anywhere. On my Synopsys DesignWare3 controller, this
won't generate an event at all when we have a short transfer that is not
on the last TRB of a TD, resulting in event ring desync and everyone
having a bad time. However, just setting ISP on other TRBs doesn't
really make for a nice solution: we then need to do ugly special casing
to fish out the spurious second transfer event you get for short
packets, and we still need a way to figure out how many bytes were
transferred. Since the Short Packet transfer event only reports
untransferred bytes for the current TRB, we would have to manually walk
the rest of the unprocessed TRB chain and add up the bytes. Check out
U-Boot and the Linux kernel to see how complicated this looks in

Now what if we had a way to just tell the HC "I want an event at exactly
*this* point in the TD, I want it to have the right completion code for
the whole TD, and to contain the exact number of bytes written"? Enter
the Event Data TRB: this little gizmo really does pretty much exactly
what any sane XHCI driver would want, and I have no idea why it isn't
used more often. It solves both the short packet event generation and
counting the transferred bytes without requiring any special magic in

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