Fam15tn: Move SPD read from mainboards into wrapper

Continuing with the mainboard cleanup for F15tn, move the functions
to read the SPD from the mainboards for Thatcher and Parmer into the
wrapper for the northbridge/amd/agesa/family15tn.

Move the SPD address customization for the mainboard into the
devicetree.cb file.

Unrelated side note - Porting.h has an un-closed #pragma pack(1)
that can cause confusing side-effects.  AGESA's structures all
use this, but coreboot's don't.  Be sure to include the coreboot
.h files BEFORE Porting.h is included, not after.

This fix has been tested.

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Signed-off-by: Martin Roth <martin.roth@se-eng.com>
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