arch/x86: introduce postcar stage/phase

Certain chipsets don't have a memory-mapped boot media
so their code execution for stages prior to DRAM initialization
is backed by SRAM or cache-as-ram. The postcar stage/phase
handles the cache-as-ram situation where in order to tear down
cache-as-ram one needs to be executing out of a backing
store that isn't transient. By current definition, cache-as-ram
is volatile and tearing it down leads to its contents disappearing.
Therefore provide a shim layer, postcar, that's loaded into
memory and executed which does 2 things:

1. Tears down cache-as-ram with a chipset helper function.
2. Loads and runs ramstage.

Because those 2 things are executed out of ram there's no issue
of the code's backing store while executing the code that
tears down cache-as-ram. The current implementation makes no
assumption regarding cacheability of the DRAM itself. If the
chipset code wishes to cache DRAM for loading of the postcar
stage/phase then it's also up to the chipset to handle any
coherency issues pertaining to cache-as-ram destruction.

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