tpm2: use pcr0 dependent nvram space policy definitions

The TPM2 specification allows defining NV ram spaces in a manner
that makes it impossible to remove the space until a certain PCR is in
a certain state.

This comes in handy when defining spaces for rollback counters: make
their removal depend on PCR0 being in the default state. Then extend
PCR0 to any value. This guarantees that the spaces can not be deleted.

Also, there is no need t create firmware and kernel rollback spaces
with different privileges: they both can be created with the same set of
properties, the firmware space could be locked by the RO firmware, and
the kernel space could be locked by the RW firmware thus providing
necessary privilege levels.

BUG=chrome-os-partner:50645, chrome-os-partner:55063
TEST=with the rest of the patches applied it is possible to boot into
      Chrome OS maintaining two rollback counter spaces in the TPM NV
      ram locked at different phases of the boot process.

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