Fintek and Intel i3100 Super I/O cleanups.

 - Drop commented out "config chip.h" and a duplicate link to a datasheet.

 - F71805F -> F71805F/FG, to mention all variants.
 - Use u8/u16/ etc. everywhere.
 - Add a missing (C) line.
 - Fix up a bunch of pnp_dev_info[] structs according to the datasheets.
 - Fintek F71889: Drop res1/PNP_IO1 from KBC, there's no 0x62/0x63 register
   pair on this Super I/O.
 - Fintek F71863FG: This Super I/O _does_ have a keyboard/mouse LDN, add the
   respective code in superio.c. Also: Add missing LDNs to f71863fg.h.
 - i3100: Add some more comments and datasheet infos.

Signed-off-by: Uwe Hermann <>
Acked-by: Uwe Hermann <>

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