ec/acpi: Add ACPI methods for generic EC access

Port most of the functions found in ec/acpi/ec.c to ACPI Source Language
(ASL). These functions are used to control embedded controllers with the
standard ACPI interface (mostly through i/o ports 0x62 / 0x66).

The following methods are implemented and tested against the power
managements channels of a ITE IT8516E embedded controller:
 * WAIT_EC_SC           Wait for a bit in the EC_SC register
 * SEND_EC_COMMAND      Send one command byte to the EC_SC register
 * SEND_EC_DATA         Send one data byte to the EC_DATA register
 * RECV_EC_DATA         Read one byte of data from the EC_DATA register
 * EC_READ              Read one byte from ec memory (through cmd 0x80)
 * EC_WRITE             Write one byte to ec memory (through cmd 0x81)

To use the provided methods, one should include `ec/acpi/ec.asl` in the
EC device code. Prior doing so, two macros should be defined to identify
the used i/o ports:
 * EC_SC_IO     I/o address of the EC_SC register
 * EC_DATA_IO   I/o address of the EC_DATA register

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