rk3288: Change all SoC headers to <soc/headername.h> system

This patch is the start of a series to change all non-x86 SoC-specific
headers to be included as <soc/header.h> instead of the old
<soc/vendor/chip/header.h> or "header.h". It will add an include/soc/
directory under every src/soc/vendor/chip/ and append the .../include/
part of that to the global include path.

This matches the usage of <arch/header.h> for architecture-specific
headers and had already been done for some headers on Tegra. It has the
advantage that a source file which does not know the specific SoC used
(e.g. Tegra files common for multiple chips, or a global include file)
can still include SoC-specific headers and access macros/types defined
there. It also makes the includes for mainboard files more readable, and
reduces the chance to pull in a wrong header when copying mainboard
sources to use a different-related SoC (e.g. using a Tegra124 mainboard
as template for a Tegra132 one).

For easier maintainability, every SoC family is modified individually.
This patch starts out by changing Rk3288. Also alphabetized headers in
affected files since we touch them anyway.

TEST=Whole series: compared binary images for Daisy, Nyan_Blaze,
Rush_Ryu, Storm, Urara and Veyron_Pinky. Confirmed that they are
byte-for-byte identical except for timestamps, hashes, and __LINE__
macro replacements. Compile-tested individual patches.

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Signed-off-by: Patrick Georgi <pgeorgi@chromium.org>
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