fsp1_1: provide binding to UEFI version

FSP has some unique attributes which makes integration

1. FSP header files do not include the types they need. Like
   EDKII development it's expected types are provided by the
   build system. Therefore, one needs to include the proper
   files to avoid compilation issues.
2. An implementation of FSP for a chipset may use different
   versions of the UEFI PI spec implementation. EDKII is a
   proxy for all of UEFI specifications. In order to provide
   flexibility one needs to binding a set of types and
   structures from an UEFI PI implementation.
3. Each chipset FSP 1.1 implementation has a FspUpdVpd.h
   file which defines it's own types. Commonality between
   FSP chipset implementations are only named typedef
   structs. The fields within are not consistent. And
   because of FSP's insistence on typedefs it makes it
   near impossible to forward declare structs.

The above 3 means one needs to include the correct UEFI
type bindings when working with FSP. The current
implementation had the SoC picking include paths in the
edk2 directory and using a bare <uefi_types.h> include.
Also, with the prior fsp_util.h implementation the SoC's
FSP FspUpdVpd.h header file was required since for providing
all the types at once (Generic FSP 1.1 and SoC types).

The binding has been changed in the following manner:
1. CONFIG_UEFI_2_4_BINDING option added which FSP 1.1
   selects. No other bindings are currently available,
   but this provides the policy.
2. Based on CONFIG_UEFI_2_4_BINDING the proper include
   paths are added to the CPPFLAGS_common.
3. SoC Makefile.inc does not bind UEFI types nor does
   it adjust CPPFLAGS_common in any way.
4. Provide a include/fsp directory under fsp1_1 and
   expose src/drivers/intel/fsp1_1/include in the
   include path. This split can allow a version 2,
   for example, FSP to provide its own include files.
   Yes, that means there needs to be consistency in
   APIs, however that's not this patch.
5. Provide a way for code to differentiate the FSP spec
   types (fsp/api.h) from the chipset FSP types
   (fsp/soc_binding.h). This allows for code re-use that
   doesn't need the chipset types to be defined such as
   the FSP relocation code.

TEST=Built and booted on glados.

Signed-off-by: Aaron Durbin <adubin@chromium.org>

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