mainboard/hp: Add Elitebook Folio 9470m

The code is based on autoport and that for revolve_810g1

- CPU i5-3437U
- Slotted DIMM 8GiB
- Onboard USB2 interfaces (wlan slot, wwan slot, camera, smart card)
- Mini pci-e on wlan slot
- On board SDHCI connected to pci-e
- USB3 ports
- USB3 hub on dock (connected to USB3 port 1)
- NVRAM options for North and South bridges
- S3
- TPM1 on LPC
- Linux 4.13.17-1 within Debian GNU/Linux testing, loaded from
  SeaBIOS, or Linux payload (Heads)

Not tested:
- Fingerprint reader on USB2

Not working well:
- EHCI debug on port SSP2,(The USB port on the left, wired to ehci
  before OS) it has always-on enabled by default (maybe via EC),
  which disturbs FT232H's own power up, requiring a very critical
  timing to plug it in for it to work.

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