nb/intel/sandybridge: Always use the same MMCONF_BASE_ADDRESS

'Optimizing' MMCONF_BASE_ADDRESS for the native codepath prevents the
use of fallback/normal with both the native raminit and the mrc.bin.

Using the same MMCONF_BASE_ADDRESS as the mrc.bin codepath means that
128MB less is available to devices using the native raminit. Most
devices reserve 2048M for non memory resources below 4G, which in most
cases is more than adequate. Devices with only 1024M (and that don't
already use the mrc.bin) are:
* lenovo/x220
* lenovo/x230
* lenovo/x131e
* lenovo/x1_carbon_gen1

Those could fail to allocate PCI resources, but on at least x220 with
a somewhat default configuration (USB3 expresscard, Wireless PCIe
card) it still boots fine, so one should not expect many problems from
this change.

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