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#ifndef CPU_X86_MSR_H
#define CPU_X86_MSR_H
#if defined(__ROMCC__)
typedef __builtin_msr_t msr_t;
static msr_t rdmsr(unsigned long index)
return __builtin_rdmsr(index);
static void wrmsr(unsigned long index, msr_t msr)
__builtin_wrmsr(index, msr.lo, msr.hi);
typedef struct msr_struct
unsigned lo;
unsigned hi;
} msr_t;
typedef struct msrinit_struct
unsigned index;
msr_t msr;
} msrinit_t;
/* The following functions require the always_inline due to AMD
* function STOP_CAR_AND_CPU that disables cache as
* ram, the cache as ram stack can no longer be used. Called
* functions must be inlined to avoid stack usage. Also, the
* compiler must keep local variables register based and not
* allocated them from the stack. With gcc 4.5.0, some functions
* declared as inline are not being inlined. This patch forces
* these functions to always be inlined by adding the qualifier
* __attribute__((always_inline)) to their declaration.
static inline __attribute__((always_inline)) msr_t rdmsr(unsigned index)
msr_t result;
__asm__ __volatile__ (
: "=a" (result.lo), "=d" (result.hi)
: "c" (index)
return result;
static inline __attribute__((always_inline)) void wrmsr(unsigned index, msr_t msr)
__asm__ __volatile__ (
: /* No outputs */
: "c" (index), "a" (msr.lo), "d" (msr.hi)
#endif /* __ROMCC__ */
#endif /* CPU_X86_MSR_H */