x86: add cache-as-ram migration option

There are some boards that do a significant amount of
work after cache-as-ram is torn down but before ramstage
is loaded. For example, using vboot to verify the ramstage
is one such operation. However, there are pieces of code
that are executed that reference global variables that
are linked in the cache-as-ram region. If those variables
are referenced after cache-as-ram is torn down then the
values observed will most likely be incorrect.

Therefore provide a Kconfig option to select cache-as-ram
migration to memory using cbmem. This option is named
CAR_MIGRATION. When enabled, the address of cache-as-ram
variables may be obtained dynamically. Additionally,
when cache-as-ram migration occurs the cache-as-ram
data region for global variables is copied into cbmem.
There are also automatic callbacks for other modules
to perform their own migration, if necessary.

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