Get rid of MAXIMUM_CONSOLE_LOGLEVEL; compile all messages into the coreboot binary

This option has never had much if any use. It solved a problem over 10
years ago that resulted from an argument over the value or lack thereof
of including all the debug strings in a coreboot image. The answer is
in: it's a good idea to maintain the capability to print all messages,
for many reasons.

This option is  also misleading people, as in a recent discussion, to
believe that log messges are controlled at build time in a way they are
not. For the record, from this day forward, we can print messages at all
log levels and the default log level is set at boot time, as directed by
DEFAULT_CONSOLE_LOGLEVEL. You can set the default to 0 at build time and
if you are having trouble override it in CMOS and get more messages.

Besides, a quick glance shows it's always set to max (9 in this case) in
the very few cases (1) in which it is set.

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