AMD rd890 late.c: Don't enable PCIe ports after PCIe init.

PCIE devices are detected and initialized by the AMD PCIe init functions,
which is in cimx rd890. The parameters are read from devicetree.cb before PCIe init.
Now, all bridges and devices are trained on the device 0.0 enable.
After PCIe init, the PCIe ports with devices are on and the PCIe ports
without devices are off. so resources may be allocated correctly
during the rest of the PCI scan.

But if the devicetree was being used to enable/disable devices after initialization,
the problems would arise. Take a look at the serial log:

do_pci_scan_bridge for PCI: 00:02.0
PCI: pci_scan_bus for bus 01
PCI: pci_scan_bus returning with max=001
do_pci_scan_bridge returns max 1
do_pci_scan_bridge for PCI: 00:03.0
PCI: pci_scan_bus for bus 02
PCI: pci_scan_bus returning with max=002
do_pci_scan_bridge returns max 2
do_pci_scan_bridge for PCI: 00:04.0
PCI: pci_scan_bus for bus 03
PCI: pci_scan_bus returning with max=003
do_pci_scan_bridge returns max 3

PCI bridge 02.0, 03.0 and 04.0 are not inserted devices, but these bridges
are still scanned. This is not correct.

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