Fix 'git describe' invocation

The 'git describe' command is used to obtain the source tree status
information when building coreboot. As used this command expects git
tags to be defined, so it can report the discrepancy between the
current state of the tree and the latest tag.

The problem is that the coreboot source tree does not have any git
tags defined, so when 'git describe' is invoked, it reports "fatal: No
names found, cannot describe anything.". This scary message can be
seen on the console during coreboot builds.

The solution is to add --always to the `git describe' invocation,
which causes it to report the discrepancy with the latest sha1, if
any, which is better than nothing.

  $ rm -rf /tmp/li && mkdir /tmp/li
  $ cp configs/ .config
  $ make obj=/tmp/li oldconfig
  $ make obj=/tmp/li
  $ grep COREBOOT_VERSION /tmp/li/build.h
  #define COREBOOT_VERSION "1623c06"
  $ echo '#' >>
  $ grep COREBOOT_VERSION /tmp/li/build.h
  $ make obj=/tmp/li
  #define COREBOOT_VERSION "1623c06-dirty"
  $ git checkout

Change-Id: Ia77428b7cd765cbbd59bdbf8251b7bef489d47a5
Signed-off-by: Vadim Bendebury <>
Tested-by: build bot (Jenkins)
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