gitignore: Ignore KDE backup files

KDE editors love to create tons of backup files every time a file is
edited. This makes it very hard to get useful information from git status
and very easy to commit the wrong stuff. Add those to the gitignore list.

Signed-off-by: Alexandru Gagniuc <>
Change-Id: I2fbb907f21d85d6994caa8bbe32c4e9814b5f4b4
Reviewed-by: Peter Stuge <>
Tested-by: build bot (Jenkins)
diff --git a/.gitignore b/.gitignore
index 8e259c7..ea10be7 100644
--- a/.gitignore
+++ b/.gitignore
@@ -35,6 +35,15 @@
+# KDE editors create lots of backup files whenever
+# a file is edited, so just ignore them
+# Ignore Kdevelop project file