mpspec.h: Tweak the write_smp_table macro so that it is safe if passed a complex expression. Modified so that it is safe to include
console.c:  Added print_debug_ and frieds which are non inline variants of the normal console functions
div64.h:   Only include limits.h if  ULONG_MAX is not defined and define ULONG_MAX on ppc
socket_754/ Conditionally set config chip.h
socket_940.c We don't need and #if CONFIG_CHIP_NAME we won't be linked in if there are no references.
slot_2/chip.h: The operations struct need to be spelled cpu_intelt_slot_2_ops
slot_2/slot2.c: The same spelling fix
socket_mPGA603/chip.h: again
socket_mPGA603/socket_mPGA603_400Mhz.c: and again
socket_mPGA604_533Mhz/ Conditionally defing CONFIG_CHIP_NAME
socket_mPGA604_800Mhz/chip.h: Another spelling fix
socket_mPGA604_800Mhz.c     and again
via/model_centaur/model_centaur_init.c: It's not an intel CPU so don't worry about Intel microcode uptdates
earlymtrr.c:  Remove work around for older versions of romcc
pci_ids.h:  More ids.
malloc.c:   We don't need string.h any longer
uart8250.c: Be consistent when delcaring functions static inline
arima/hdama/mptable.c: Cleanup to be a little more consistent
 - Talk about nodes not cpus (In preparation for dual cores)
 - Remove clear_temp_row (as it is no longer needed)
 - Demoted the failure messages to spew.
 - Modified to gracefully handle failure (It should work now if cpus are removed)
 - Handle the non-SMP case in verify_mp_capabilities
 - Add clear_dead_routes which replaces clear_temp_row and does more
 - Reorganize setup_coherent_ht_domain to cleanly handle failure.
 - incoherent_ht.c: Clean up the indenation a little.
i8259.c: remove blank lines at the start of the file.
keyboard.c: Make pc_keyboard_init static
ramtest.c: Add a print out limiter, and cleanup the printout a little.
amd8111/ Mention amd8111_smbus.c
amd8111_usb.c: Call the structure usb_ops not smbus_ops.
NSC/pc97307/chip.h: Fix spelling issue
pc97307/superio.c: Use &ops no &pnp_ops.
w83627hf/suerio.c: ditto
w83627thf/suerio.c: ditto
buildrom.c: Use braces around the body of a for loop.  It's more maintainable.

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