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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stddef.h>
#define RMODULE_MAGIC 0xf8fe
/* All fields with '_offset' in the name are byte offsets into the flat blob.
* The linker and the linker script takes are of assigning the values. */
struct rmodule_header {
uint16_t magic;
uint8_t version;
uint8_t type;
/* The payload represents the program's loadable code and data. */
uint32_t payload_begin_offset;
uint32_t payload_end_offset;
/* Begin and of relocation information about the program module. */
uint32_t relocations_begin_offset;
uint32_t relocations_end_offset;
/* The starting address of the linked program. This address is vital
* for determining relocation offsets as the relocation info and other
* symbols (bss, entry point) need this value as a basis to calculate
* the offsets.
uint32_t module_link_start_address;
/* The module_program_size is the size of memory used while running
* the program. The program is assumed to consume a contiguous amount
* of memory. */
uint32_t module_program_size;
/* This is program's execution entry point. */
uint32_t module_entry_point;
/* Optional parameter structure that can be used to pass data into
* the module. */
uint32_t parameters_begin;
uint32_t parameters_end;
/* BSS section information so the loader can clear the bss. */
uint32_t bss_begin;
uint32_t bss_end;
/* Add some room for growth. */
uint32_t padding[4];
} __packed;
#endif /* RMODULE_DEFS_H */